Dear Parishioners of Saint Raphael's Church,
Thank you for welcoming me as your new Administrator to your extraordinary church and beautiful community. I look forward to a warm and enduring relationship with all of you in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. I have some large shoes to fill with the passing of Father Dennis Cooney and hope that I will not disappoint.

First, a word of introduction. My name is Father Michal Szyszka. I am from Poland and my last name, "Szyszka", means "pinecone." If you have a problem saying my last name you can call me Fr. Michal or Fr. Pinecone. I came to the U.S. in 2006 and this was a day when my big dream came true. I studied in the Seminary in Orchard Lake, Michigan. I was ordained a priest on May 21, 2011 at the Cathedral in Venice by Bishop Frank Dewane. My last four years I spent in Bradenton, at Ss. Peter and Paul Church with a wonderful Pastor, Father Mark Heuberger. And here am I, at Saint Raphel Catholic Church. What an honor. Yes, indeed, it is an honor for me to be your Administrator.

Let God's mission be our mission. And together, let us do our very best to be part of that mission, building up God's Kingdom here in this great community.

I thank God for all of you in my prayers and I do need your prayers, help and support. May the peace and grace of God be with you. God bless you!

Saint Raphael, pray for us! Amen.

Yours in Christ,

frmichal sig

Fr. Michal


St. Raphael Catholic Church Mass Schedule

Daily Mass at 8AM Monday through Saturday
Saturday Vigil Mass will be at 5PM
Sunday Masses will be at 8AM, 10AM & 12 Noon in English
5:30PM in Spanish

Confession Schedule
Wednesday 5PM-6PM
Saturday 4PM-4:45PM
Sunday 4:30PM – 5:15PM (Spanish)

Confessions will take place in the Cry Room


  • smalldot  The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is dispensed through September 1st
  • smalldot  Attendance at each Mass is limited to no more than 50% occupancy.
  • smalldot  Anyone with fever or flu-like symptoms is not to enter the Church.
  • smalldot  All those, as defined by the health department, as more vulnerable (i.e. 65+ years of age), anyone with compromised immune systems, those with underlying health conditions, and those anxious about being in a large group are encouraged to stay home.
  • smalldot  There is still a risk for anyone who attends a public Mass to contract the coronavirus.
  • smalldot  The Church will be entered through the double doors & exited through the side doors.
  • smalldot  If you have parish envelopes you may leave them in the basket by the entrance or exit door.
  • smalldot  Communion is to be received ONLY in the HAND.
  • smalldot  Social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet between people not living in the same household must be followed.
  • smalldot  Due to on-going concerns regarding the spread of the COVID-19 Virus all parishioners are asked to wear a facemask while in the Church.
  • smalldot  No physical contact during the Sign of Peace is allowed.
  • smalldot  There should be no hand holding or other physical contact during the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer.


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